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So what sort of person creates a pin collecting website? I would say for this task you need to have 3 attributes...

  • A love of collecting - well I have that. Stamps, coins and pins are my chosen collectables. It's hard to set a scope and stick to it, but I try.

  • A passion for the Olympics - yep, tick that one too. Ever since the Munich Olympics in 1972, I've had a fascination with the Games. Back in '72 I had an Esso sticker book, in '76 and '80 it was scrap-booking. I always imagined how great it would be to have the Olympics in your own country, let alone your own city. So 6th July 2005 was a landmark day when we won the Games.

  • An obsession for lists - anyone who knows me, knows that I have this and more! I think it's part of being a collector, you want to list your items and have lists of available items. Come on, someone back me up on this.

It seemed only natural that when 2012 pins came along, someone was going to start a website and list them - wasn't it? I waited to see who did something and nothing happened, so according to the expression, 'If you want something done...', I did it myself.

I put a few thoughts and lists together on the blog (a good free way to start) but nothing happened. So, I thought, it was just me. Then in spring 2009 I got a bit of positive feedback, and that spurred me on to set up this website.

As for me, I live and work in Surrey, I'm married with one daughter and spend most of my spare time collecting and making lists! My family don't really share my obsession with collecting, but they're very supportive and it keeps me out of their way.

If you're feeling brave, check out an interview I gave at the London 2012 shop on the day in opened at the 2 year to go mark.



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Please feel free to get in touch at info@londonpins.co.uk, I'd love to hear from fellow collectors.