As with most hobbies, pin collecting and trading has its own language. Here are some of the terms you may come across in addition to the definitions of pin types.

Pin Collecting / Trading

Pinhead A pin collector - the name may originate from the fact that pin collectors started wearing their pins on their hats in the 1980s
Dealer Someone who sells pins for money rather than trades them
Trader A pin for the purposes of trading rather than keeping or collecting
Meet An informal pre-planned gathering of pin traders
Show A formal gathering of pin traders and dealers
Trade / Swap / Exchange The action of exchanging pins between two pin traders

Prototype An early pin design made in very small quantities to test designs and manufacturing. May be of inferior quality as they are not designed for issue
Production Pin A mass-produced pin for issue
Strike To manufacture a pin
Rerun / Reissue The authoised reproduction of an existing pin, usually for commemorative purposes
Production Level The number of pins issued in any one design
Finding The post or pin on the back of the pin badge and the type of clasp that attaches to the pin

Thanks to for assistance in creating the definitions on this page
and also to the '1996 Olympic Games Countdown - The Official Book of Olympic Games Pin Collecting'