Pin Licensing

The subject of Olympic licences relating to pin production is extremely complex. There are rules outlining which organisations can use certain marks or brands and also which manufacturers can produce merchandise pins for certain organisations.

This page attempts to outline some rules that relate to London 2012. The points outlined here are my interpretation of rules I have come across while putting together this site having spoken to various organisations from sponsors, to manufacturers, to Olympic veterans. The statements on this page are my best attempt at describing the rules.

Retail / Commemorative Pins

There are two types of retail pins being produced for London 2012. Each type is produced under a separate licence granted by LOCOG. All pins produced under either licence must be approved by LOCOG.

The first licence has been issued by LOCOG to Honav UK. This allows Honav to manufacture and distribute pins for retail worldwide (except the USA). Those pins are allowed to contain the Games Marks such as the London 2012 Games Logo and Paralympic Games logo, the mascots and the wording "London 2012".

The second licence has been issued to Aminco through the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). This allows Aminco to manufacture pins and retail them within the USA. Their pins may also contain the Games Marks. These pins may not be sold outside the United States.

Sponsor / Corporate Pins

Worldwide sponsors, by definition, have entered into an agreement with the IOC and therefore may use the Olympic Rings on their pins without reference to LOCOG. These pins can be made by any manufacturer.

London 2012 sponsors have entered into an agreement with LOCOG and therefore have paid the necessary licences to use the London 201 logo on their pins. These pins will be made by Honav.

NOC Pins

Each NOC has the right to use the Olympic Rings on their pins. They do not need LOCOG's permission to do so. However, if a NOC wishes to use the Games Marks such as the logo, then they must seek permission from LOCOG and pay a licence fee.

A NOC may use whichever manufacturer they wish to provide thir pins. Honav UK, Aminco and Kingdom Pins are some of the companies that will produce NOC pins for London 2012.


As stated above, these descriptions are presented in good faith and are accurate to the best of my knowledge and research. Unfortunately I am unable to clarify the rules with any organising body and therefore if anyone is able to correct any of these statements or provide extra details, please contact me.