The Logos of London 2012

For the sake of clarity, we have posted some images of the logos that we refer to. We realise that there are ownership and replication guidelines with the logos, but we are not trying to earn money from them or imply any association, it's just for ease of understanding. They're viewable all over the internet, so we hope we do not upset anyone by showing them here.

Bid Logo
Used before London was selected as a candidate city - no Olympic rings
(Launched 17 November 2003)

 London 2012 Bid Logo


Candidate City Logo
Used once London was on the shortlist, Olympic rings and 'Candidate City' could be used
(Launched 19 May 2004)

 London 2012 Candidate City Logo


London 2012 Olympic Games logo
(Launched 4 June 2007)

 London 2012 Olympic Games Logo


London 2012 Paralympic Games Logo
(Launched 4 June 2007)

London 2012 Paralympic Games Logo