Where To Buy

Now that the Olympic and Paralympic Games are over, it will be increasingly difficult to find the retail pins.

The official online store has now closed and high-street retailers will not carry stock for too much longer.

The best option for picking up any remaing pins will be the smaller online retailers who have a niche following. Most notably Glamorous Living and Pins & Things. Both offer a comprehensive selection, international delivery and excellent customer service. Look at the links page for both their websites.

As is often the case with collectables, eBay is a major source of a wide range of London 2012 pins. There is a good mix of UK and international sellers offering most of the common pins. Every now and then the rarer ones pop up and,  as these are often available as auctions, the market sets the price.

Please be careful when buying from eBay. Personal experience has made us cautious when buying pins from China. Pins which appear to be genuine LOCOG or sponsor pins turn out to be fake and of poorer quality than the real thing. We're not saying all pins from China on eBay are fake, but please be careful and ask questions - we have been caught out more than once.

We cannot recommend any particular source but have used most of the retailers mentioned above and made many successful purchases online via eBay.

Please check what you're buying, ask questions and if a pin looks too good to be true - it probably is.

We are unable to offer advice on buying or pricing a pin and cannot verify the authenticity of a particular pin.


Updated: October 2012